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What is PrEP?

PrEP is a pill you can take to protect yourself from HIV. Many studies have been carried out on PrEP, and it has been shown to be highly effective at reducing the risk of contracting HIV – up to 99%.

The original PrEP is the branded drug Truvada. However, Truvada is expensive and can cost up to $1,500 for a month’s course of 30 pills.

PrEP is also available in unbranded form, known as generics. Generics contain exactly the same ingredients as Truvada and have the same effectiveness in preventing HIV. The most common PrEP generics available are Tenof-EM, Ricovir-EM, Tenvir-EM and Tavin-EM.

Generics are significantly cheaper than Truvada. We work with HIV and LGBT organisations worldwide, and source PrEP directly from manufacturers to provide it to the community at the lowest price.

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PrEP only protects you against HIV – you still need to take precautions to protect yourself from other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as gonorrhoea, chlamydia, syphilis and hepatitis C.

It is important that you test negative for HIV before starting on PrEP.

Find out more about PrEP and how to take it here.

Delivery of PrEP to Canada

PrEP Online reliably provides customers with affordable PrEP in Canada.

Please note that Canadian customs are very strict about importation of PrEP. In order for us to successfully ship your PrEP, you will need to provide us with the following documents:

  1. Copy of your passport
  2. Copy of your work or study visa / permit (Canadian citizens are not allowed to import PrEP as it is available locally)
  3. Letter of intent addressed to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) explaining why you need to import the PrEP (i.e. saying it is for personal use and that the required documents are attached)
  4. PrEP prescription (must show doctor’s registration number, address, telephone number, and doctor’s signature)

We will only guarantee delivery of PrEP if you provide us with the documents above for your order, otherwise we will not be responsible for any failed delivery. Order with a peace of mind today.

Status of PrEP in Canada

Legality of PrEP

  • Truvada by Gilead (TDF/FTC): Approved
  • Generic versions of TDF/FTC (Tenvir-EM by Cipla, Ricovir-EM by Mylan, Tenof-EM by Hetero and Tavin-EM by Emcure) for prevention: Approved

Within Canada, Health Canada has approved Truvada for use in combination with safer sex practices to reduce the possibility of sexually acquired HIV. The Ontario government added PrEP to its provincial formulary in 2017, meaning that if you have difficulties getting coverage, you can apply to receive support, although you need a valid Ontario health card in order to be eligible.

Guys under 25 are also covered for PrEP through the OHIP Plus program. However, this program is only available for people who do not have private insurance, and you must have a valid Ontario health card.

Typically, only citizens of Canada are able to access PrEP within Canada.

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