About Us

PrEP Online was started by a group of PrEP users based in Europe and Asia who believe that access to PrEP should be made more convenient and affordable for people who need it all around the world.

We work with HIV and LGBT-related organisations around the world to provide up-to-date information on PrEP, and source for PrEP directly from manufacturers to bring it to the community at the lowest prices.

We believe that PrEP is a game-changing drug with important implications for the way we think about our sexual health and relationships. While HIV is no longer the death sentence it once was, stopping the spread of HIV is still an ongoing battle, and we believe that PrEP is a key weapon in the fight against it.

Access to and awareness of PrEP has made significant progress in recent times, but most of this has been confined to more developed countries in the world. Research has shown that more can be done to improve PrEP implementation in regions such as Asia-Pacific and certain parts of Europe, as well as the developing world. Our goal is to help spread awareness in these regions, while offering easy and affordable access to PrEP for people who need it most.

Our organisation believes that PrEP should be as accessible as possible, and that individuals should be allowed to make their own choice on HIV protection. Our PrEP is priced competitively to make it as cheap as possible while keeping our site up and running.